Why I Disappeared Faster than a Wisp of Smoke off a Pan

I’m back!  Some of you may have realized I was gone, but most of you probably didn’t.  Well, I have good reason for disappearing.


At the time of last post in January 2016, I was beginning my last and most intense semester of college.  In addition to Medical Nutrition Therapy and learning how to run a food service operation, I had to apply to a dietetic internships.  For those that may not be familiar with the process, you fill out a lengthy application (which you pay for), pick a few programs to apply to (each one you pay extra for), say a few prayers to the deity of your choice, and press submit.

Then, you have the privilege of waiting a month and a half before you know if you were even matched with a program.  Match Day is a day that lives in infamy for many a prospective interns.  You are terrified to click the link in the email, and after you log in, you learn your fate.  Should you be matched, celebrations abound with dancing about your living room (not speaking from experience or anything), and should you not, initial despair, then anger, and then sadness.  I was fortunate enough to experience the former, and I was able to successfully graduate from Iowa State University on May 6th.

Immediately after the graduation ceremony that seemed to take an eternity (3 1/2 hours!), my husband and I left for the honeymoon we had been long awaiting since our wedding six months prior.  We literally drove overnight to Niagara Falls, and the rest of our adventures will come in another post. 🙂

Three and a half weeks later…

We returned from our honeymoon, and a week later, I began the 50-hour per week whirlwind that was my dietetic internship.  Six months later, I finished my phenomenal internship, and three days after Thanksgiving, I began working full-time for a local school district.  For the next month, I would be studying my buns off for the exam of a lifetime:  the Registration Exam for Dietitians.

This brings us to January 7th, 2017.  I had studied as much as my brain could take and indulged in some of my favorite fast food Chinese to ease my nerves and my hungry stomach.  I enter the exam facility, they scan my palm, and I nervously twiddle my thumbs while I wait to be called into the testing room since you can’t study while you wait.  I sit down at the computer, and I begin my exam.  I don’t remember the exam because I was a nervous wreck, but I remember making the final click (after you take an exam survey).  There it was:  PASSED.  I sat back in my 1970s padded rolling chair and breathed a six-year-long awaited sigh of relief.  I officially had my first three letters behind my name. RDN. (That’s Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.)  One month and a little paperwork later, I had my next two letters, LD (Licensed Dietitian), since Iowa requires you to have licensure to practice Medical Nutrition Therapy.

That brings us (almost) to today.  I am back and ready to let you peek into my corner of the culinary and nutrition world by sharing my love of food and cooking with you.

Stay tuned for my next posts exploring some of my past and most recent cooking adventures.

As always and until next time, keep your mind sharp and the knives sharper.

Photo Credit: Well, I took it, but the shirt is from one of my favorite RDN-operated shops/blogs, The Sarcastic Nutritionist.  Check them out here and on Twitter.